DJ Funkmaster Flex—one of NYC’s premier hip-hop DJs, putting in work at radio-station oracle HOT 97 for more than 20 years now—was in inspired, incessantly bomb-dropping form last night, unloading a rambling, 10-minutes-plus diatribe against everyone and everything surrounding Jay Z.

If you don’t know, Flex is (eh, was) one of the foremost gatekeepers of the East Coast rap scene. He has always been (eh, used to be) a staunch supporter of lyrics-driven rap, and thus worked tirelessly to find and break new NYC emcees who ignored the catchy dance songs clogging up the pop charts and instead focused on their #BARZ.

Because of this status, he and Jay Z have long had a symbiotic relationship. Jay often debuted singles on Flex’s radio show, even fairly recently, including songs like “D.O.A. (Death of AutoTune)” (complete with a Flex shoutout), the Kanye team-up “Otis,” and a number of songs from Jay’s last album, 2013’s Magna Carta Holy Grail. Jay and Flex were, if not friends necessarily, at least closely linked partners in New York hip-hop.


It’s a little hard to parse exactly how this relationship deteriorated from Flex’s outburst last night, but there’s a lot of fun to be had in trying: You really should treat yourself to the full rant to truly appreciate the gravely menace of his words, not to mention the dozens and dozens of deployments of his trademark sound effect. Here’s the full thing, which really kicks off around the 10-minute mark:


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